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Double Haul Fly Fishing is proud to be recognized as one of the best Kenai River Fly Fishing Guide Services around. We Specialize in fly fishing the Kenai.
Kenai River Fly Fishing Guide, Kenai River Fly Fishing
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With over a decade of Kenai River Fly Fishing guide experience, we will make sure that your Kenai River guided fishing trip is one your will never forget. All of our guides are certified fly casting instructors and excellent teachers. This dedication to instruction and teaching is what sets us apart from the crowd. As Kenai River fly fishing guides we will not only take you out on the water in search of trophy fish and a great adventure, but also teach you the reasons why we are fishing the way we do throughout the day. We want each guest coming away with new methods and knowledge each day that can be applied to angling adventures in other places as well. It doesn’t matter if you are an experienced angler or a newcomer, comfortable with a fly rod or conventional gear, or a newcomer all together. Double Haul Fly Fishing is the choice as your Kenai River Fly Fishing guide service.



Kenai River Fly Fishing Guide - Trophy Rainbow Trout
Kenai River Fly Fishing Guide - Home Water
Kenai River Fly Fishing Guide - Bright Steelhead

Kenai River Fly Fishing Guide Destinations

Kenai River Fly Fishing

The large glacial blue waters of the Kenai River draw thousands of fly anglers from around the world each year, and with good reason. The Kenai is one of the most productive and angler friendly rivers in the world. Among its residents, the large rainbow trout and hard fighting salmon are the most popular. We tend to focus our Kenai River Fly Fishing Guide activities on the middle and lower sections of the watershed.

Kasilof River Fishing

The lesser known Kasilof River provides fly fishing anglers with yet another series of fantastic fishing opportunities. Even though it is smaller in size, the Kasilof is big on action. During the spring, King salmon and steelhead can be found in the Kasilof’s glacial waters. As the season progresses, both sockeye and silver salmon begins to funnel in through September, when another steelhead run begins.

Kenai Peninsula Rivers

Aside from the larger Kenai and Kasilof Rivers, the Kenai Peninsula offers a few more great options for fly anglers. Further down on the Peninsula, smaller rivers such as Deep Creek, Ninilchik, and Anchor Rivers each have good runs of salmon and steelhead with peak times throughout the season. These smaller rivers are very fun and are a great option when looking at multiple day Kenai River Fly Fishing guide adventures.

Kenai River Fly Fishing At Its Best

Professional And Passionate

Double Haul Fly Fishing is proud to be recognized as one of the best Kenai River Fly Fishing Guide Services around. We have worked hard to become the best Fly Fishing guides and teachers that we can be. Through This desire, we proud to be the only FFF certified fly casting instructors guiding on the Kenai River. We believe that teaching and learning while fishing with us is an integral part of each guests trip. Regardless of if you are a new angler or a seasoned fly fisherman, we enjoy improving every angler that steps into our boat. We have also been spey fishing for many years now and enjoy teaching our guests this incredible art and deadly technique. Spey fishing can be done year round but truly shines during the very early and very late parts of the season when water levels are low and wading is more available.

Kenai River Fly Fishing Guide - Trophy Trout Release

Kenai River Guided Fly Fishing Targeted Species

Kenai River Fly Fishing Guide - Monster Kenai River Rainbow

Rainbow Trout

As a Kenai River Fly Fishing Guide, I live for the Rainbow Trout that prowl our waters. The Kenai is one of the top, if not the top, trophy rainbow trout rivers in Alaska. Each year I guide many of our guests into the largest trout of their lives. Throughout the season we employ multiple different types of fly fishing techniques, including swinging flies, stripping streamers, drifting indicators, and even spey fishing. Trout fishing on the Kenai River is literally available year round, but typically the best fishing is found between June and October.

Kenai River Fly Fishing Guide - Coastal Steelhead


The world famous Kenai Peninsula not only has some of the best trout and salmon fishing found anywhere, but it also boasts some top shelf steelhead fishing as well. The Kenai River, Kasliof River as well as a few other rivers south on the Peninsula hold good numbers of Steelhead in the fall. Starting in September, steelhead start to show up in the waters of the Kenai Peninsula. Prime time for Steelhead is during September and October.

enai River Fly Fishing Guide - Dolly Varden

Dolly Varden

A member of the Char family, the Dolly Varden is a great addition to the variety of species you can catch during your Kenai River Fly Fishing trip. Ranging from all sizes from 6-30+ inches, the Dollies are as hard fighting and eager to bite as any. The color varieties are beautiful and excite all anglers fortunate enough to land one. You can catch Dollies amidst all the trout and salmon throughout the river system. Dollies can be caught year round but they are the most colorful in the fall.

Kenai River Fly Fishing Guide - Silver Salmon

Silver Salmon

Starting their migration up the Kenai in Late August, the Silver Salmon, or Coho, is one of our favorite species. They can be very aggressive, normally are acrobatic and pull like a pickup truck. During late august the silvers are just starting their migration up the Kenai and the numbers generally start low and the water levels are high. This causes the fish to be more spread out and difficult to find. But come Mid-Late September the weather starts to get colder and the water levels drop causing the fish to become more concentrated and usually more aggressive. Some of the best Silver Salmon fishing can be found in Late September and all of October. This season just so happens to coincide with the best time of the year to land trophy Rainbow Trout as well. There have been many spectacular days had in September and October with combo Silver Salmon and Rainbow Trout trips.

Kenai River Fly Fishing Guide - King Salmon

King Salmon

Double Haul Fly Fishing is proud to offer our guests guided King salmon fishing trips of the Kenai and Kasilof Rivers. Starting their first run in Mid-May, the King Salmon begin their migrations into the Kenai and Kasilof Rivers. King Salmon are the largest of all the salmon species reaching sizes pushing 90 lbs. These huge fish though are not common and most average around 20-40 lbs. Double Haul Fly Fishing is a proud supporter of catch and release on all wild King Salmon. We believe to maintain a healthy population of these monsters, the fishing community must remain open to catch and release fishing as a way to keep the numbers of fish and average sizes up to their normal ranges. We do allow the harvest of hatchery Kings.

Kenai River Fly Fishing Guide - Sockeye Salmon

Sockeye Salmon

Starting in Mid-June the world famous return of Sockeye, or Red Salmon, return to the Kenai. This first run is smaller in numbers than their counterparts that come later in July but are equally as fun. Most trips for this early run of fish are done on the Upper Kenai River. The second run of Sockeye start their major push around July 16th, and surge into the Kenai by the thousands each day. This second run of fish is larger in numbers and usually in average size as well. The second run fish can push up to 15lbs. and average around 8-9lbs. The Sockeye is regarded by most as the best tasting salmon there is. Bag limits are generally 3 per person/ per day, and sometimes get up to 6 per person/ per day.


I have been a Kenai River Fly Fishing Guide for many years now, introducing anglers from around the world to the incredibly productive waters of the Kenai River with one one mission in particular – always strive to be different from the pack. I always emphasize angling education and enjoy specifically guiding anglers to the fish of the Kenai using methods that I personally enjoy doing. This methodology allows for myself and the angler to be on the same page and results in some extremely fun days.

The Kenai is without a doubt a indicator fishery. The vast majority of the days during our season require an “embrace the bobber” mentality, but there are times of the year when other methods such as spey, swinging, or even dry fly techniques work. This fishery is very friendly to most anglers, yet can still have it tougher days. Regardless of the conditions though, we are guaranteed to have a great day on the water. I look forward to providing you the best Kenai River Fly Fishing Guide experience you will ever have.

Aside from my guiding, I am also a certified casting instructor through the FFF and a representative for Loop USA, acting as a pro ambassabdor for the state of Alaska.

Lee Kuepper

Owner and Guide
Kenai River Fly Fishing Guide - Lee Kuepper

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