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Double Haul Fly Fishing is a professional Kenai River fly fishing guide service located in Soldotna, Alaska. We guide sport fishing anglers on the Kenai River for trophy rainbow trout, steelhead, and salmon every day.


The Kenai River is a large, glacial fed river located on the Kenai Peninsula of Alaska. It is one of the most productive and angler friendly rivers in the world. Because of a healthy forage base, large rainbow trout, dolly varden, and multiple species of pacific salmon are found in good numbers. We operate our Guided Kenai River fishing trips on the entire Kenai river and surrounding watersheds.


Double Haul Fly books guided fishing trip on all the river sections including those found in the Cooper Landing, Sterling, Soldotna, and Kenai areas.

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Upper Kenai River Canyon

Kenai River

Each year the blue waters of the Kenai River draw thousands of fly anglers from around the world. Due to its size and location it is one of the most productive and angler friendly rivers anywhere. Among its residents, the large rainbow trout and hard fighting Kings, Sockeye, and Silver Salmon are the most popular. We most of our focus our Kenai River fly fishing guide activities on the middle and lower sections of the river.


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Steelhead Fly Fishing Guide Soldotna Alaska

Kasilof River

The Kasilof River provides anglers with a different set of great opportunities with both fly fishing and conventional gear. The Kasilof is smaller than the Kenai in size, but has some mighty strong attributes. King salmon, sockeye and silver salmon, and steelhead are all found in the Kasilof. Kings and Sockeye are available in June and July, while Steelhead and Silver Salmon show up in fall, where our guided anglers have great opportunities at them.


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Alaska Steelhead Fishing With A Kenai River Fly Fishing Guide

Other Rivers

Besides Kenai and Kasilof Rivers, the Kenai Peninsula has a few other options for fly fishermen to spend their days on. Rivers such as Deep Creek, Ninilchik, and Anchor Rivers all have good runs of salmon and steelhead and are smaller and more intimate. These smaller rivers are very fun and are a great option when looking at multiple day Kenai River Fly Fishing guided adventures.


Kenai River Trout Fishing Guide

Rainbow Trout

Kenai River rainbow trout are my favorite species to guide anglers to. Fortunately, the Kenai happens to be one of the top trophy rainbow trout rivers in the world. Because we use a variety of fly fishing techniques, we often help our guests catch the largest rainbow trout of their lives.


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Kenai River Fly Fishing Guide Lee Kuepper With King Walmon

King Salmon

Double Haul Fly Fishing is proud to offer our guided King salmon fishing trips of the Kenai and Kasilof Rivers. King Salmon are the largest of all the salmon species that can reach sizes pushing 90 lbs. Starting in Mid-May, the King Salmon begin their runs into the Kenai and Kasilof Rivers. Even though most of the fishing is done out of a drift boat, there are a few areas where casting can be effective.


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Kenai River Sockeye Salmon Guided Trip

Sockeye Salmon

Starting in Mid-June, the world famous return of Sockeye Salmon begins to enter the Kenai River. The first run begins in June, and the larger, second group of fish arrives in mid-July. Most guided fishing trips for the early run of sockeye salmon are done on the Upper Kenai River. The second run of Sockeye start their major push around July 16th and can be caught throughout the entire Kenai River system.


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Dolly Varden Caught With A Kenai River Fly Fishing Guide

Dolly Varden / Char

Dolly Varden, a member of the Char family, is a fun species available during your Kenai River Guided Fly Fishing trip. Dollies are hard fighting and eager to bite, ranging in sizer from inches all the way up to 30 or more. The colors on these fish are varied, but always vibrant. Typically, we catch them while fishing for trout and salmon throughout the entire Kenai River system. Dollies can be caught year round, but prime fishing is found during the fall.


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Kenai River Fly Fishing Guide, Silver Salmon

Silver Salmon

Starting their run up the Kenai in Mid-August, Silver Salmon are one of our most favorite species to guide anglers to. They can be very aggressive, usually jump, and pull like a truck. During the beginning of August the silvers begin their migration up the Kenai. Come mid-September the cold weather typically causes the water levels to fall, causing fish to become more concentrated in the remaining deep water. Some of the best guided Kenai River Silver Salmon fishing can be found in late September and all of October.


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Kenai River Steelhead Fly Fishing Guide


The world famous Kenai Peninsula also boasts some top shelf steelhead fishing as well. The Kenai River, Kasliof River, and a few other rivers in the area hold good numbers of Steelhead all fall. Starting in September, steelhead start to show up in the waters of the Kenai Peninsula. Prime time for Steelhead is during September and October. We guide steelhead anglers using various techniques, including, spey fishing, indicator fishing, and float fishing.


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Lee Kuepper has been a Kenai River Fly Fishing Guide for over 10 years. He has introduced anglers from around the world to the incredibly productive waters of the Kenai River with one mission – “Always strive to be different from the rest.” Lee always emphasizes angling education and improvement. This methodology allows for Lee and the angler to be on the same page, resulting in some extremely fun, productive days.


Aside from his guiding, Lee is also a certified casting instructor, loves to take photos, and is a representative for Loop Tackle.

Lee Kuepper Kenai River Fishing Guide

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