Kenai River Lodging Options

Kenai River Lodging
Kenai River Lodging Aerial

Double Haul Fly Fishing has teamed up with some of the best lodging options available on the Kenai Peninsula. Each lodge has its own unique style and offers our guests with all the amenities that they desire. Depending on what you would want included for your lodging, we can set up all your accommodations into one complete package.


Depending on the time of year and your party’s size, lodging prices will vary. Peak dates for lodging on the Kenai Peninsula usually are from mid-July until Mid August. This is the time of year when the Sockeye (Red) Salmon are running heavily in the river.


In general, fishing and lodging packages will start at around $2,200 per week per person and up.



– How many people are in your party?

– How long is your trip (fishing days and lodging nights)

– Do you want all meals provided, or would you like to make your own food / eat at local restaurants?

– What days are you going to be in staying?

– What is your method of transportation? (rental cars are usually picked up in Anchorage)

– What kind of fishing would you prefer and what species? (Fly fishing, spey fishing, spin fishing?)